After linking our Lightspeed account, some last adjustments will need to be done.

  1. From the dashboard, click on the "Settings" button which is located at the right of the menu.
  2. Here we will look at the"Billing settings"

General billing settings

  1. Adjust your billing period (the time the customer has to meet the invoice). This will apply to outstanding invoices. You can choose to either make a paid or an outstanding invoice.
  2. Save any changes with "Save"
  3. The other options are not applicable at this time. An explanation about billing from multiple locations / partnerships will be explained in an additional article.

Connect payment methods

Caution: do this only once!

  1. Go to the "Connect Payment Methods" tab.
  2. Click "Set Payment Methods Automatically".
  3. Confirm the warning with Yes / Ok.
  4. There are now 3 fully automated payment methods created in Lightspeed Retail.
  • #F Open - Transfer
  • #F Paid - Card / Bank Transfer
  • #F Paid - Cash

When we make a sale that must be invoiced, we will use these billing methods. We'll use Open for an outstanding invoice, and Paid for paid invoice.

Format and additional billing information

  1. Go to the "Format and Additional Billing Info" tab
  2. Here we can add the following fields:
  • RPR -> Legal Register. Required if you own a Belgian company.
  • Invoice terms Title & Invoice terms text -> Enter information about payment terms and conditions. In the text field, you can use HTML.
  • Payment info Title & Payment info text "-> Enter information about bank account and payment instructions. The text field can use your HTML.

   3. Save changes with "Save"

Congratulations, everything is set. Now the fun part begins.

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