MDware Cockpit Button

If you already have the blue MDware Cockpit button (called "MDware (Invoice/Loyalty) configured you can skip this as it serves for all our integrations.

Follow the following steps to add the Cockpit Button:

  1. Go to "Settings". Then click on "Custom Menus" under the "Advanced Configuration" tab.
  2. Click on the "Register: Sale Tab" menu item.
  3. Under the heading "Add new button", enter the title of your new button. In the Title field you can enter "MDware (Invoice/Loyalty)".
  4. Select "Open Webpage" in the "Type" drop down menu.
  5. Select the color "Blue". 
  6. We've created our first button after clicking the "+ Add button to menu" button.
  7. We're not done yet, we need to adjust the button. At the bottom of the "Buttons" tab, you will see the new button appears in yellow. Click the pencil icon on the left to adjust the button.
  8. Copy the Cockpit button link found under your Invoice Settings or Loyalty Settings in the MDware Settings-page and paste it in the url-field. You can also find in the dedicated "Cockpit Settings"-section under the Settings Page.

9. Do not select the option "Open in new tab"!

That was a piece of cake, wasn't it? 😄

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