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Once you have registered for an account, you can connect your POS system to QR Menu App. This will allow you to import your menu, saving you loads of time doing manual re-entry. Please follow the steps below in order to properly connect your POS:

  • Navigate to the settings page by clicking on "Settings" in the navigation menu on top of the web page.

  • You now have three options for POS integration:
    Lightspeed Restaurant, Gastrofix and Lightspeed Restaurant K Series (iKentoo).

  • Select your POS by clicking the relevant option. (In the above picture, the relevant option was Lightspeed Restaurant L)

  • You will now be redirected to your POS' log-in page in order to fully connect your POS account to your QR Menu App account. Follow the prompts until you are redirected to your QR Menu App settings page.

  • Once the account has been properly connected, you will see a green check mark and an additional text appear above your POS.

Now that our POS has been connected, we can start importing our menu.

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