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Before you import your menu from your POS, make sure to double-check your POS in order to verify that all of your products have the correct names, descriptions (optional), visibility settings and prices.

In order to import your menu from your POS, simply navigate to the settings page by clicking "Settings" in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Here you can click on the blue button under POS Integration, which should say "Load menu from ..." if you have successfully connected your POS in the last step.

Once we click the blue button, the following screen appears:

We can now see that we have got our POS categories listed on the right and we have some additional options on the left. Please carefully read the blue banner on top, just below "Import POS Menu".

  • On the left hand side, we fill in our menu details, the most important are the name of the menu (the first field) and an optional description of the menu.

  • Choose the menu language, this will be the main language we will build the menu in.

  • Select other languages you would like to make available. This will allow us to add translations for these languages later on.

  • Note: if you have your menu in any other language than the one indicated on the left hand side, make sure to change your menu language to the correct language before importing.

Once that is done, you can choose to include free products from your POS in the import. You can find this option under "Import options".

Once all of the details have been configured, you can now choose the categories from your POS that you would like to import. This includes any products that are listed in the category. You can select them all by clicking the "Check all" checkbox at the top of the table. You can deselect certain categories by unchecking the checkbox in front of the category name.

We will import the product name and product description (set under "Advanced" in Lightspeed Restaurant). We also import the default price and the visibility settings.

We don't import discounts, price popups, service charges, choices and shortcut categories.

Once that is done, click the blue "Create Menu & Import Selected Categories" button on the top right of the page. This will create the menu, which you will be able to find in your menus screen.

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