Navigate to your menu by clicking on "Menus" in the navigation bar on top of the page. You will now see either your menu that you imported through your POS or you could create one manually.

Click on your menu. You should now see the following screen.

Creating and editing categories

You can, at any time, create new categories by clicking the blue "Add Category" button on the top right. Clicking the button opens up a new page which will allow you to enter the category details.

The most important options are the category name (required), the category description (optional) and the order. You can change the order to change the order in which the customers see the categories appear when viewing the menu. Order 1 comes first, 2 comes after, etc...

Furthermore you can change the visibility status by checking or unchecking the checkbox under "Visible". If unchecked, the category won't be shown to customers viewing your menu.

The last checkbox is the "This is a parent category" option. This means that you are creating a main category under which you nest sub categories.

Example: Main category - Wines, Sub category - Red wine, White wine, ...

Note that you choose to either nest products OR sub categories. You can not mix both.

Once you have filled out the needed fields, click the blue save button. You should now see your newly-created category appear in the overview on the right.

If you were ever to need to edit your category, simply navigate to the menus page by clicking "Menus" in the navigation bar on top of your page, then click your menu. Now click on the category you want to edit. You should now be able to edit this category on the left hand side by modifying the values you see in the fields. Don't forget to save by using the blue button.

Creating and editing products

Now that we have set up our (sub-)categories, we can populate those (sub-)categories with products. Simply click the category in which you want to add or edit a product, which will show you the same overview we just saw for creating categories.

You can edit your category (name, description, etc...) on the left, and you will find your products table on the right.

Creating a product is very easy, simply click the blue "Add Menu Item" button on the top right. This will open a similar prompt to the prompt we got when creating our category.

Once again, the only required field is the product name. We also highly recommend entering a price. You can, additionally, check which allergens this product uses/has. You can add this information by checking the checkboxes on the right where applicable.

The order controls the order in which the products are shown within a certain (sub-)category. Order 1 gets shown first, then 2, then 3, ...

The last checkbox on the left hand side is the option "Has sub-items" -- this allows you to create a product which contains multiple courses and/or products. Perfect for creating a Lunch Menu, for example.

Once we have entered our product, press the blue button on the bottom of your screen.

In case you ever want to edit your product, simply click the category in which you created it and click the product itself. This will allow you to edit the product on the left-hand side, as previously mentioned in this article.

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