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Create (sub)categories
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Creating subcategories

  1. Navigate to your menu by clicking on "Menus" in the navigation bar on top of the page. You will now see your menu that you created manually.

2. Click on your menu. You should now see the following screen. Please click on the blue "Add Category" button on the top right to create a new category.

3. Clicking the button opens up a new page which will allow you to enter the category details.

The most important options are the category name (required), the category description (optional) and the order. You can change the order to change the order in which the customers see the categories appear when viewing the menu. Order 1 comes first, 2 comes after, etc...

Furthermore you can change the visibility status by checking or unchecking the checkbox under "Visible". If unchecked, the category won't be shown to customers viewing your menu.

If your menu allows ordering, there is also a checkbox to disable the category for ordering. That way, it is possible to order some of the categories via the app, but impossible to order others.

The last checkbox is the "This is a parent category" option. This means that you are creating a main category under which you nest sub categories.

Example: Main category - Wines, Sub category - Red wine, White wine, ...

Note that you choose to either nest products OR sub categories. You can not mix both.

4. Once you have filled out the needed fields, click the blue save button. You should now see your newly-created category appear in the overview on the right.

Creating subcategories

To create a subcategory, first a parent category needs to be created. This is done by following the previous steps and making sure that 'This is a parent category' is enabled.

Next, the subcategory can be created. Follow again the above steps, but make sure that this time 'This is a parent category' is not enabled. Finally, products can be inserted into the subcategory.

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