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Connect & use your Wallee-terminal to Lightspeed Retail
Connect & use your Wallee-terminal to Lightspeed Retail

Follow this steps to properly configure your Wallee-terminal with MDware Cockpit, and use it as an integrated terminal on your iPad/PC/Mac

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Where can I use the Wallee-Terminal?

Where can I use Wallee in Lightspeed Retail

  • Lightspeed Retail on PC/Mac with Google Chrome => best experience

  • Lightspeed Retail on PC/Max with another browser

  • Lightspeed Retail on iPad in "Manager Mode"

Where can't I use the Wallee Payment Integration

  • Lightspeed Retail on iPad in "App Mode"/"Stencil"

Can I use multiple Wallee-Terminals?

Yes you can! For every terminal you need a register in Lightspeed. In MDware you can link multiple

How can I Install the terminal?


  1. In Lightspeed Retail, created a payment method exactly called "Wallee" under Settings > Payment Types.

  2. Create an MDware Account (check out how)

  3. Link your Lightspeed Retail Account to MDware (check out how)

  4. Send us a message via our chat system (using the blue button in the corner of the screen) or on [email protected] including your company details and email address you used for the Lightspeed, indicate that you wanna connect a Wallee Terminal. We will notify you by mail whenever your account is activated and you continue with the following to steps.

Configuring Wallee-backend and getting information

  1. Notify Wallee Support that you want to connect to MDware. They will activate the terminals capability to be controlled by our application.

  2. Login to your Wallee-Backend via

  3. Write down your "Space ID" for your shop, indicated with #.

3. Go to Space > Terminals > Click on the right terminal you want to link.

4. Write down the Terminal ID you see, indicated with #.

5. Go to Account > Application Users > Create Application User

6. Wallee will ask you for a name for the user, fill in "MDware"

7. You will see a very important window with credentials (User ID and Key). Be careful not to close this window, as you will only see the info once. Write down the User ID and copy the "Authentication Key" to the clipboard.

8. When successfully copied and written down the information, click "Close".

9. Click on the "Manage"-button next to roles.

10. Click on the "+"-button next to "Space Roles"

11. Assign the proposed Account Admin role.

12. Click on "Save Roles"

Configuring the Wallee-terminal in MDware

  1. Go to the MDware Settings and scroll down to the Payments Section.

  2. Press on Add to add Wallee as a Payment Service Provider.

3. Choose Wallee and fill in the information you wrote down before and the Application Key that is in your Clipboard. Confirm with Save or Update.

4. Scroll down and choose the right Lightspeed Shop and Register. Click on "Add Wallee" and fill in the Terminal ID. Also, pick your desired Currency that is right for this terminal and click "Save".

5. Last step: Activate cockpit (click here for more info) in your Lightspeed Retail Account. In case you already have MDware, you will already have this cockpit-button in the Lightspeed Retail Sales Screen.

How can I use the Wallee-Terminal in Lightspeed Retail?

  1. Create a sale in Lightspeed

  2. Add Products

  3. Add a customer (optional)

  4. In Google Chrome, with the MDware Plugin installed:
    Click the Green "Payment" button
    In all other browsers, on the iPad, or in Chrome without plugin:
    Click the Blue "MDware" button.

  5. Enter an amount of your choice next to the Wallee Payment Method or use the "Max." button to assign the total amount to the Terminal.

  6. Press "Start Payment"

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